what is 30A?

LIFE SHINES on 30A, a 20-mile scenic shore tucked quietly along Florida's Gulf Coast. Speckled with artsy villages, rare coastal dune lakes, upscale resorts, funky beach bars, world-class restaurants and 25,000 acres of protected habitats, Scenic Highway 30A is the birthplace of "New Urbanism" and is also home to the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world.

Here's a real-time map showing the locations of our most recent 30A Gear orders (it takes a minute to load!). We've delivered to 30A fans in all 50 states! Thank you all for supporting our 30A community, and we hope to see you back out on the beach soon.


“30A means good times on the Gulf Coast," said U.S. Airways Magazine. Founded in 2007, 30A is the all-American beach brand that celebrates the simple, happy life that locals and visitors enjoy along Florida’s Scenic Highway 30-A. But “30A is more than just a road in Florida,” said WEAR-ABC. “A website that started to promote a small stretch of coastline is fast becoming an international brand.” In fact, with over 350,000 Facebook fans around the world, “30A.com has exploded" (Southern Living).

30A.com was recently ranked the #1 Independent News Site in America by Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism in New York City.

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