30A Corn hole Game Set
30A Corn hole Game Set
30A Corn hole Game Set

30A Corn hole Game Set

the game of cornhole is a long-standing family beach tradition. the rather odd name comes from the fact that you fill the bags with corn kernels... and then, well, you toss the bags into a hole. our new portable and lightweight 30A Cornhole Game Sets have everything you need to start playing right away, whether on the beach or at home. the "BAGGO" brand game quickly packs up and carries just like a suitcase. it will easily fit into the trunk of any car, so it's ready for your next beach trip. this is a super-fun game for all occasions, ages and skill ranges.

The 30A Cornhole Game Set features:

  • side-locking clips allow both game boards to clasp together in a suitcase style for easy carrying.
  • dual pop-out handles for easy carrying.
  • dual built-in score keepers on each game board.
  • front and back game board legs enable the proper angle for playing.
  • imprinted rules and scoring on the back of each game board leg for quick reference.
  • two sets of 30A Bean Bags (yellow and blue, of course!) can be neatly stored in pockets inside the game board.
  • 10-page color instruction manual with warranty card.
  • wall-mounting bracket for easy storage and display.
  • lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.