30A YOLO Board Wave Design
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This is the ultimate YOLO Board for the ultimate 30A fans.

A standup paddle board (SUP) that's ideal for both beginners and professionals, this Limited Edition Wave 30A YOLO Board is a graphic beauty.

The 30A YOLO Board is available in both 12' and 10' sizes.

The 12' Original version will turn heads both on and off the water. This board’s high volume means superior stability and ease for all water conditions. Features include a built-in bungee system, a LIFTSUP handle, GoPro Camera Mount and Gortex Air Valve. "Original" Board Dimensions: 12', Width: 31.5", Height: 4.75", Weight: 29 lbs, Volume: 237.4 liters, Rider Limit: 275 lbs.

The 10' Eclipse version is also a great board for those that want a little less board than the 12 foot Original without sacrificing stability. It's perfect for flatwater paddling and for stand-up paddle surfing. The Eclipse ancludes a 10" fin, traction pad, a LIFTSUP handle, front and rear grommets, and a Gortex Air Valve. Eclipse Board Dimensions: 10'6", Width: 32", Height: 4.75", Weight: 27 lbs, Volume: 230.7 liters, Rider Limit: 220 lbs.

Paddle not included.  Custom 30A paddle sold as separate item.