6 Pack Cooler

Don't let the size fool you! We construct our smallest cooler with the same high-density foam insulation that we put in our larger Nylon Soft Coolers. When packed correctly, you can expect 24 hours of frozen ice in heat up to 100 degrees F (Read below to learn how to get optimal performance from your cooler).


Featuring a luggage-grade, 1000-denier nylon outer shell, and heavy-duty YKK #10 zippers, the Polar Bear 6-Pack is built to last. Our full-replacement warranty ensures that this cooler will be your companion for many years to come.


• 1000 Denier Luggage Grade Nylon Outer Shell
• One Inch Thick HIGH DENSITY foam insulation
• Heavy Duty #10 YKK Weatherized Zipper w/ Patent Pending Sew Design
• Quality hardware
• Side zipper pocket
• Heavy-duty nylon bottom saddle
  • Satisfaction Guarantee 
• 1 Year Full Replacement Warranty - Lifetime Pro-Rated Warranty
• Pack your cooler with as much ice as possible. Air inside the cooler will cause ice to melt more rapidly. Use a 3 to 1 ice to product ratio.
• Make sure the items you pack in your cooler are cold from the start.
• Make sure you use the side buckles when your cooler is not open. Using the buckles creates a seal in the insulation and will ensure your goods stay cold for as long as possible.
• When possible, keep the ice in a bag together on top of the products in the cooler. Cold air descends, loose ice melts faster. 
• When you first put ice in your cooler, the cooler will cool from room temp and join the temp of the ice. This means the ice is working extra hard in the beginning. If you are traveling and refilling your cooler as you go, you can expect better results the next time you add ice. The Polar Bear cooler is designed to get cold and stay cold. Once it’s cold, it will keep colder longer.
• Limit air exposure (opening and closing) your cooler when possible.