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Embroidered 30A Beach Towel

It's all about the weight, about the weight when it comes to luxury towels.  The very best indicator of a towel's worth is it's fabric weight.  While the general public isn't as aware of this as beach towel manufacturers and retailers, a towel's value is based on it's weight.  A towel's weight is determined by how much a dozen of the same towel weighs.  Our towel's weigh in at 20 lbs per dozen.  That a lot of drying power.

This extra large 70-inch by 35-inch towel features a 100% cotton terry velour finished outside, and a sheared woven cotton terry inside. The ends are hemmed. Of course, the towel also features our large and beautifully embroidered two-color "30A" logo. Don't head to the beach (or another planet) without one!