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SALE - 30A Infuser Bottle

SALE - 30A Infuser Bottle

First, cut up some fresh fruit. Use lemons, limes, oranges, mangos, apples, strawberries, pineapples, cucumbers... whatever you like! Next, drop the fresh fruit into this bottle's special built-in infuser compartment. Then, just add water.
That's it! The water becomes infused with the fruit, giving you a fresh, healthy and absolutely delicious alternative to sodas and expensive bottled water. You can refill it over and over using the same fruit, so it's also better for the environment than going through all of those plastic bottles.
It includes the 27-ounce bottle featuring our famous 30A logo, a flip-top cap with a threaded lid, and the blue infuser, which can be removed, if you want to use it like a regular water bottle. It's all dishwasher-safe, of course.
By the way, who says this thing is only designed to create fruit-infused water?! I'm already working on my soon-to-be-famous peach and pineapple-infused tropical cocktail concoction!